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Opps, I’m abandoning my blog again XD

Okie, let’s get thing moving with a quick update here.

Last friday, got a call from Shohei who actually paying a visit in Malaysia at the moment. So, both of us decided to meet up at KL central ( The main terminal for KLIA Express, Putra LRT and the stupid delay-king, KTM Commuter ). I reached there around 5:10 pm, so I was expecting he’s there waiting for me but ended up I’m the one waiting for him as there’s a delay on monorail service.

After having a short chat at KL central, we decided to go for our dinner at KLCC, there’s a chinese restaurant very famous of it’s chinese bun also known as “xiao long bao“, and Shohei wanted to give it a try. After we get off from LRT, we then realised we should have go to Pavilion instead of KLCC -_-” And there you go, we walked all the way from KLCC to Pavilion just to have that XIAO LONG BAO !Okie nevermind, since he’s main character of the day and he got the right to give me commands -_- Doh I’m not a slaveeeee, but just a local tour guide for this japanese friend.

We spent almost half an hour turning here, turning there in the busy downtown of Kuala Lumpur and The Golden Triangle of Starhill. Seriously, I’m so exhausted at that time. The weather itself is humid rather than hot as there was some drizzles earlier on.

After we arrived Pavilion Shopping Centre, we immediately look up for the restaurant as both of us were really exhausted that time. And we seriously needed some drinks to rejuvenate ourselves. What a bad day, the chinese restaurant wasn’t open on friday -_-” We walked so far for the ” xiao long bao ” and ended up with the big sign ” CLOSED “

We walked to the nearby fast-food restaurant, Nando’s Chicken and decided to have our dinner there. Both of us ordered Quarter chicken with two sidelines and most importantly, the softdrinks ! Oh yes, I order mild peri-peri while Shohei was so daring to order extra hot peri-peri, which i think it’s too hot for me !

My Quarter Chicken with Potato Salad and Coleslaw.

Nando\'s Chicken with two sidelines

Shohei’s Quarter Chicken with Potato Salad and Fresto Salad.

Hot Peri-peri roasted chicken

My cup of 7-up softdrinks 🙂

7-up softdrink

And the starter, Potato wedges with special peri-peri dip !

Potato Wedges with peri-peri dip

Shohei can’t stand with the fire in his mouth XD

Shohei\'s funny expression

Lol, this really draw a good conclusion ! ” Get You In The Mood ”

Get You In The Mood

Why is this pencil in the restaurant ?  * Evil Laughs *Got it from someone a year ago in her room!


A random ang-moh having his dinner.

random shoot

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