cars queueing up for petrol filling

Starting 5th of June 2008, there will be a major adjustment on Malaysia’s Petrol Subsidy and a massive adjustment for petrol price. With such adjustment, the petrol price in Malaysia skied high in just a day ! Oops, to be more precise, it’s one night.

Unleaded increased from RM 1.90 to RM 2.70

Diesel increased from RM 1.58 to Rm 2.58

Luckily, there’s still subsidy on petrol of RM 0.30 after the adjustment with an annual rebate of RM 625 per car. I was wondering, how the government gonna pay those people who claiming for annual rebate. By cash ? By tax reduction ? Or they might come out with another solution shortly ? Nobody knows.

They announced there will be no major adjustment on petrol price until August 2008 but now ? It’s all happening in just 1 night without prior announcement ! Everyone rushing to petrol station nearby for petrol filling on yesterday, motor vehicles queued up everywhere and some even pushing their car on the road instead of driving it as a matter of fuel-saving.

There’s gonna be a big adjustment on commodities price in Malaysia soon as a result of the increase in petrol price. Everything keeps going up while the salary remained low and constant, how those low income group gonna survive in the future ? Or may be it’s time for Malaysia government to come up with a new policy in order to minimise inflationary pressure in Malaysia.

Everyone complaining here and there, yet no solutions have been made towards this issue.

Australia’s petrol price remained around A$ 1.57 which I think it’s relatively low compared to other countries which have similar economy structure like Australia.

The world’s petrol price gonna have severe impact on aviation industry as well. Fuel surcharges gonna increase by the end of this month which means it’s gonna be more expensive to fly around. Low Cost Carriers are cheap to fly with, but with the increment on fuel price, how long are they going to keep their fare low ? This issue will still be remained unknown as most of the LCCs are able to diversify the increase of fuel price in other sectors of their company portfolio.

It will be similar to a suicide act if petrol price skied high to an unreasonable level. I found a picture on the internet which perfectly illustrated it.

petrol suicide

-_-” I’ve just realised I wrote so many craps in this post and it sounded more like an academic essay than a blog’s post. Excuse Moi ! But it’s true that almost every Malaysians are feeling the pressure, things getting expensive but there will never be an increase in their salary. Low income group definitely going to suffer in the future as their spending power getting low and low.

As for now, I’m feeling the pressure as well because it’s getting expensive for me to travel around !

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