Happy Blessed Mother’s Day 2008 !

Happy Mother\'s Day

For your information, today’s the second sunday in the month of May which is Mother’s Day ! I just made a phone call to my mum and she was about to have her lunch with my dad, so yeah I wasn’t talking much with her in that conversation but I delivered a blessed wish to her, Happy Mother’s Day !

Talking about Mother’s Day, there’s a funny story.

I was there asking my friend this question, ” Hey, how you going to celebrate this year’s mother’s day ? ” He replied with, ” I sent her a crystal bracelet on last week. ” I was like, ” Whattt..? ” And he told me with confidence that Mother’s Day was on the first sunday of the month of May. Okies, I amended his error that Mother’s Day actually fall on the second sunday of May.

Em, back to myself. I’ve been pretty busy lately, assignments, preparations for final exams, and some BIG issues hanging in the middle of my life. It’s not that I can’t take it, but I need some time to adjust myself in order to cope with it.

Oh well, some people are just too free to bitching about people’s good and bad. My BIG advice to them, if they find themselves some spare time, please utilize it to do something useful and stop gossiping or bitching about others. I’m totally disappointed with such attitudes.

Right, that’s all for today. For uni students, let’s fight for our semester 1 Final Exam !

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