Migraine diary pt.2

As planned on the day before, I went for doctor this morning to find out what’s going on with me.

Again, there’s no interesting story about visiting a doctor, so yeah, this update gonna be a bit dry and boring.

At first, the doctor asked if I’m having excessive stress level and I doubt on that. Then, he asked again if anything fall on my head before or did I bang into something, another no from me. After that, he did some check up for me, measuring blood pressure, checking my iris and etc. The doctor suddenly shouted, ohhh, there’s another reason to explain your migraine too, which is u’re experiencing high blood pressure. Nah, I don’t think I’ve got high blood pressure on me.

So, the doctor said it was an odd case and persuade me to do a blood test since everything are gonna be revealed in this way. And, I did the blood test just as he recommended. Sadly, I’m going to wait for another 5 days until the result is out -_-”

Okies, I think I’d better let myself relax and don’t think too much. Life has been pretty much challenging, isn’t it ?

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