A quick and short update about things that happened lately.

I felt terribly sicked as the anonymous striking my head for 4 days consecutively. Though, it’s not constantly striking but so much in a throbbing pattern. Should I call it migraine or hemicramia, well I don’t have the exact answer until I approach to doc.

The pain is getting more and more acute as days passed. I have no idea what’s going on with me, the pain is only focused right at the center of my head, not on the others part or mass area though. When I tried to give the particular spot a massage, omg it’s painful once I pressed on that spot. My friend said it looks a bit pinkish, so what’s the hell is that ? A tumour ? I will just leave it for the time being and I’m going to get a doc in no time !

I hope everything will be okie soon, and please, I can’t stop myself from imagining all those possible factors that caused it. Shh… I need to calm myself down.

Signing off.

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