Yummy :)

As usual, I had my PHY203 this afternoon and followed by a group meeting for taxation assignment later on in the cafeteria. I guess everyone are feeling the pressure right now and that’s why after several times of slacking off, they finally turned up in today’s meeting.

Things went out great, far from what have I expected. Oh well, everything is possible given you operates at full capacity. Ohh full capacity, some will eventually break down cuz they sorta feeling a bit stifled. What impressed me was our brain storming session, we stormed out about 62 salient points in 87 minutes and we gonna do some filtering work on tomorrow. Thanks for everyone’s hardwork !

I didn’t had my breakfast this morning and I was feeling a bit hungry right after my group meeting. So yeah, I made a call to Malu to check if he have got the time to go for a luncheon, ohh wait, I think it’s high tea ehh. When talking about food, he will never say no, especially on some yummy japanese dishes.

Hence, we decided to meet up at Mambo Japanese Restaurant in the downtown. There was a sales promotion going on in the shop on a random fish package for 2 persons, and we ordered it.

And there were 2 sets available in the package.

Malu’s set A

Yum Yum, my favourite fishballs

Nick’s set B

Again, sausages and fishballs

It looks very simple and lite up there huh. But, once you deliver it into your mouth, you will find out how tasty it is 🙂 IT WAS YUMMMMYY ! Of course, we shared the fish sausage and fried fish balls.

Then, we did some window shopping there in Bourke Street before we go home. Ahh, there’s 30% off in David Jones but somehow it’s still too expensive to buy. We bought a tee-shirt from Myer for $19.95 which I think it was quite a bargain.

And here’s mine from Vans.

Van\'s T-shirt

When I was about to compile my report which going to due on coming friday, I realised my pendrive wasn’t in my pencil case, guess someone might have took it away from me. When I was frustrating about it, cuz the report itself is quite lenghty, so it’s impossible for me to reproduce it again within 2 days.

And thanks God, brownie ( my another housemate ) knocked on my door and returned my pendrive to me ! Omggg, I was like, em how come you got my pendrive with you ? He said, I borrowed it from you on last night, can’t u remember ?

Oh yeah -_-” I lend it to him on last night. So it was my fault then ! Silly mistake XD

Signing off now. Early class on tomorrow.

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