Britain Got Talents Season 2

I was waiting for Australia’s Got Talents for a long while, yet there’s no sign of it on Channel 7. And this morning, when I was watching weather forecast on TV, ooohh there it is, the premieres going to fall on 29th April ! So, for Australia’s Got Talents fans, make sure you tune your channel to Channel 7.

A while ago, I was there surfing on youtube again. Okie, I can’t survived from my taxation if I don’t get something to entertain me here. And I found some video clips on Britain Got Talents !!! Omgg, some of them are hilarious, some of them are simply amazing, and some of them are ……..em… I don’t know !

Some highlights on episode 1 of Britain Got Talents.

Craig Harper’s impersonation of Boyzones.


Steve’s Balloon trick – This is hilarious !


SCALA’s electric strings band – This is awesome !


Granny’s stunt ! – I donno what to say…Just watch it


The contortionist  – Amazzzinnnggg Flexibility there


Have fun watching ’em and I’m looking forward to Australia’s Got Talent. Ahh, I might go and be their live audience 🙂

Okie, we’re off to Donnini’s now 🙂 Malu so gonna cry out loud when he pay for the bill later ! Wahahaaa

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