Relax and have a break

My dell laptop

A little bit asphyxiated from revision, and I went for some video clips on youtube again. Here’s a funny one to share with you guys. LAUGH OUT LOUDLY !


GST, land duties, primary income group, tax rebates……..Kill me please. Taxation is never going to be interesting for me 😦 It goes harder and harder with tonnes of theory, I can barely breathe while reading on the textbook -_- ” I can survived from reading AASB, but the tax manual is simply AWFUL !

Some universities going to get their one week break on coming week, but for me, NO BERAK ! Oops sorry, I mean break.

I went to Coles to do some grocery shopping again, mostly on my junk food stock up heheh. I came across the cereal section and saw this Weet-Bix package, it somehow attracted my attention to it. So, I hold it up and read through the info. And after several minutes of reading, I’ve decided to give it a try. I still can’t think of the reason why did I bought it for, maybe it’s because of the ” HONEY CRUNCH ” wording, emm maybe.
The Cereal

I got online just now hoping to search something on my assignments. Instead I can’t produce any fruitful results in my searching, so I shall give up for now.

Going to crawl under the blanket and do something mindless like watch one or two episode of hong kong drama…..

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