Incident in the kitchen

chicken gone wild !

Earlier on, there was an incident in the kitchen while we preaparing for our dinner.

My kitchen hand, Mr.Ayashi also known as Malu and I were busy preparing the side dish while the roasted chicken we bought from woolworths remained in the oven, ready to be heated.

When everything are nearly done, we started to heat up the chicken, so that we can have some warm food in such a mild weather. * chills *

15 minutes passed, and the chicken is now ready to serve ! I was preparing the gravy at that time, so I appointed Malu to take the chicken out from the oven with the reminder ” please wear the mitt ” . And thanks for his braveness of not wearing a mitt, the chicken gone wild as he dropped the tray. * Ohhh nooo *

The chicken remained airborne for mayb 10 secs, as it went up doing some springboard diving action, erm maybe a one-and-a-half-somersault-with-one-and-a-half-twists and then landed safely right into the dustbin. The process was totally awesome, landed right into the dustbin without making a mess on the kitchen floor which this is the only thing that I’m happy about, I DON’T HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE FLOOR !

The atmosphere started to change in kitchen, Malu looks so helpless with his 2 big eyes staring at me while I’m ready to give his butt a flying kick for his demonstration ” how to make a chicken gone wild ” I’m not a thai boxer, so I guess that kick wasn’t good enough to make his butt bruised. As for our dinner, let’s all be a one-day vegetarian ! Eat up all those veggies and drink the gravy ! Yucksss ! Some suggested we can keep it for tomorrow’s sausages.

For his punishment, Malu will have to bring all of us to Donnini’s Pasta for dinner on saturday ! Okie, you might think that the name of the cafe is weird, but you can spot it easily on Lygon Street !

A reminder for Malu if u read this, make sure you bring enough money on that day !

Some good and bad news for the day, both on my mid term exam results released in this afternoon. I scored almost a just-pass for my taxation unit, a job well done for my auditing unit and a so-so for my business environment & risk management ! Satisfaction ? Absolutely NOOO ! Final is gonna be tough, and so with the group assignments.

End of my grumbles and life story of the day.

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