Ken Lee ! ! ! Tulibu Dibu Douchooo

Let’s have a look at this video clip. [ MUST WATCH ! ! ! ]


No I cant forget this evening
Or your face as you were leaving
But I guess thats just the way
The story goes
You always smile but in your eyes
Your sorrow shows
Yes it shows

I cant live
If living is without you
I cant live
I cant give anymore
I cant live
If living is without you
I cant give
I cant give anymore

Ever heard of Mariah Carey’s [ Without You ] ? And that’s what she singing up there ! Yes, in English !

I was like -_-” I thought she was singing some foreign language version when I started to watch the front part, but ehh the chorus parts sounds like English. At the end, she said, it’s English. -_-” I almost choked cause I’m eating my cereal at that time. Let’s give a round of applause for her courage !

Credit goes for my cousin for sending me the link for this hilarious video ! Brighten up my day, woohoo ! Sweep those suay-ness away from me please.

Talking bout the suay-ness. Em, it’s a long story.

To summarise it.

I missed my bus > once again, someone stepped on my flip-flop > Went to vending machine for mineral water, $2 gone cause the machine was actually out of service > laptop system crashed while I’m attempting to use it in library > While carrying reference books from 2nd floor to 3rd floor, I pokai in staircase which makes me suffer from acute pain right now, my left arm bruised ! > Thanks for the system crash, my assignment drafts are in great risk until someone fix my laptop !

I’m done with the update and I’m leaving for library again. Too many work to do, given too many people slacking out there !

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