Not again…..

Please take note that I’m really moody right now. So I will just let it all out than having a nightmare later.

It’s all about the group meeting on our assignment again. It’s like a norm that everyone are having problem with the term ‘ punctuality ‘. I waited from 9 a.m until 3 p.m, but disappointingly none of you guys turn up for the meeting. You might have a lot of excuses playing in your mind, but I’m not going to ask you why were you absent from the meeting. I just want to make sure I get my thing done and make sure everything are on the right track.

My assignments are actually accentuating me every day. And I hope the old shits will never happen in here. Talking bout the old shit, that was such a pain in my ass ! It wasn’t the problem of leadership or delegation issue, it’s all about SLACK ! So, I hope there will be some mirage on our next meeting which scheduled on next wednesday !

Back to my day in campus, I was wearing my flip-flop today.  The only bad thing about wearing flip-flop is, yo’re likely to get a step-over by someone in a crowded place, i.e bus station or in the bus. For my case, I was walking to general computer lab via the long corridor, then there’s someone at my back, he stepped on my flip flop twice -_-” For that, I almost POKAI on the corridor, luckily I managed to balance out a bit.  ( pokai means fall-down )

And I got a conclusion from it, if you want to have fun stepping on someone else’s flip-flop, please wear a Converse All Star’s sneaker and make sure u keep it close to someone who’s wearing flip-flop. I know it sounded a bit evil, but that’s what happened to me in uni today.

Ahhh and the random thought is playing on my mind now.

The real, hard world is beckoning me.

But I have 7 months or so of denial, of enjoying the final part of my dependent youth.

So many people around me have moved on to their careers, their journeys. I feel a bit left behind every now and then.

But there are good parts, too. I’m going to get a ‘quite relaxing’ period, probably the last I’ll have for a long, long time. I want to enjoy it. I’m gonna live it up. Final exam and the submission date of assignments are real soon. Stress rising up like lava and all to do is just wait till the eruption of the academic volcano. * bamp *

In a way, I’ll get to see my friends as they move up and out.Get to see them make all the stuff-ups first. Im glad that Im still a student, another chance to find that bliss and peace. Unlike some of them that starting on their careers, all that juz too hard and untouchable for me. Im seriously lack of working experience. I need more !!!

As people move into and out of my life, I realise what has remained constant; and I’m so glad that we’ve had each other to hold onto while everything else has blown past.

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