Album Review : Duffy – Rockferry

Duffy - Rockferry

Aimee Ann Duffy also known as Duffy is a pop singer from Wales, United Kingdom. She released her album ” Rockferry ” last march and one of her song ” Mercy ” went top in UK Top 40 Charts. ( Ohh, and I just checked the chart again, her song still in the top 3 of the chart ! )

If you like English Jazz, then you must give this a try ! Or if you like songs from Amy Winehouse, then you should give a try on Duffy’s Rockferry album ! Personally, I prefer [ Mercy ] , [ Sleeping Stone ] , [ Distant Dreamer ] among the ten songs in her album.

And here’s download link for Duffy’s [ Mercy ] .

Updated here with another download link for Duffy’s [ Rockferry ] album.  ( full ) 

Duffy - Rockferry cover
And, back to my life again. I’m such a dead fish right now. Life been pretty humdrum lately, been working on the assignment which going to due on next friday. It sounded easy for writing a report, but the thing is, I don’t know what to write ! The question not just focusing on one area, but… it’s like the whole syllabus -_-”

For that, I’m gonna bump into my uni’s library on tomorrow. Yeah, nerding again !

Oww, and I’m eating Smith’s sour cream and onion chips now. And, I’m addicted to it since last week, though I had it a while ago.

Okies, I’m getting a bit drowsy now. Thanks for someone who disturbed my sleep 5 a.m in the morning and if you read this, tomorrow I’m going to give you a big suprise ! Sooo, watch out heh !

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