The haircut

The weather was nice today, not too cold but just nice. I have to say, wednesday is the most enjoyable day throughout the whole week. The reason is simple, I’m having my PHY 203 class for a duration of 3 hours every wednesday and the lecturer is nice and so with his hilarious jokes.

The joke of the day. It was a simple statement but good enough to make us burst out laughing.

Sighting U.F.O may leads to the risk of breast cancer, skin cancer, and any other skin associated disease resulted from over-exposure of radioactive

Malu was asking me to go and meet him in downtown to grab a dinner there. And I arrived an hour earlier than the scheduled time, so I was wandering there by myself and I came across with a hair studio. Em, I was thinking whether I should get a haircut or not cuz my hair looks pretty thick at the back. While I’m still thinking about it, my hand pushed the door and my feet actually stepped into the hair studio. Okay then, I will have my haircut. ( which is obvious lah ! )

Well, this is my first haircut here. Hairstylists there are so professional-like, they analyse, they study your hairlines well before they get their work started. So, I sat down and the hairstylist starting to get the work done. After 80 minutes, and I was there in front of Malu with my short hair. ( It tooks 80 minutes to cut my hair, oh wait my hair wasn’t that long ! )

The first thing came out from Malu’s mouth was “ Ehh, you have a haircut just now ? ” LOL, I thought he was going to scold me why I’m late but he told me afterward, he just arrived 2 minutes earlier than me. If I wasn’t there to get my haircut, I will probably have to wait him for 15 to 20 minutes, haha.

Okie. Let’s see what’s the difference between the BEFORE and the AFTER.


Nickadoo’s SS session


Nickadoo after having his haircut

There’s always some kuyashi-ness everytime after I had my haircut. And for that, I want to blame on MY HAIRLINES !

So I tell myself, it’s okie, it will grow back soon !

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