Big chef wannabe is back !

It’s been ages since I last cooked a pasta meal. There’s nothing left in the cupboard but a pack of macaroni and bottle of alfredo pasta sauce. Without any alternatives left, I will have to cook something with those ingredients in the cupboard. Alfredo with macaroni sounds a bit weird as people usually cook it with fettuccine, but I guess it was okie for me to cook a zap-ba-lang pasta since I’m running out of ingredients !

This is what I’ve got in both my cupboard and the fridge to make a pasta. Pathetic uhh !

Pasta ingredients

Let’s get it started !

* chop chop chop *  

* slice slice slice *

* cut cut cut *

Pasta Ingredients - 2

Alfredo sauce in progress. Uhhh YUMMM ! 

Alfredo Pasta Sauce

It takes a while to cook these macaroni. I moved a chair to kitchen and read my book there while waiting for it.


* tick tock tick tock * Time passed.

Tick Tock

And it’s done !

Macaroni - 2

Oh wait. Where’s the alfredo sauce ?

Dang Dang Dang ~ The Alfredo Macaroni !

Alfredo Macaroni

 For your information, all of my pasta sold out in 4 minutes time  O_O”

 Bon Appetit !!!

Alfredo Macaroni - 2

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