The sunday

 Mcdonald’s strawberry sundae

While I’m typing this post now, I’m actually eating my chocolate sundae from McDonald’s. Hence, I named the post ” The Sunday “.  Okies, let’s move on !

I slept at 4 a.m in the morning as my stress level was long gone since friday, and I woke up around 9 a.m because of stomachache, cilaka ! It’s so irritatingly disturbing !

Yeah, and I can’t sleep in anymore after several times of visit to washroom. I sat down in front of my workstation and surfing over my program list to find if there’s anything for me to kill my spare time. And, I found this ” Photoshop ” program hidden in one of my folder.

Dealing with art is quite unusual on myself, cuz I’m sucks in art and I never like it. But editing photo is so much simple, I don’t have to hold a pencil and sketch on a piece of paper, all I have to do is just clicking here and there with my mouse cursor.

The oil painting effects.

Before ( original copy )

Photoshop effect ( before )

After ( the effects applied )

Photoshop Effect ( After )

And, a random guy sitting on the road after his class in uni. Oh wait, that’s me !

Me in oil-painting effect

Basically, I spent my whole day clicking here and there in photoshop and read heaps of tutorial on the net too !

And after skipping my breakfast and lunch, I’m starving badly. After discussed with my housemates, we decided to go chinatown to grab some food there. I had an rojak india and cup of coconut juice, low-fat and refreshing ! By the way, I’m 62 kg now, and I’m happy with this number.  Oh yes ! I had some fishballs too -_-” it’s the last cucuk remaining there, grrr.


I missed all these 😦

Ice Kacang !

Ice Kacang

Cha Kue Teow !

Cha Kue Teow

Prawn thingo !

Prawn Thingo

Kyoza also known as dumpling !

Kyoza ( dumpling)

Peanut waffle !

Peanut Waffle

I know it’s fattening ! But I don’t care 🙂 Eat first and regret later , LOL ! Let’s forget about calories.
Let’s call it a day now, shall we ?

Signing off


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