Random conversation of the day


I was there in the park this morning with my friend, Malu. The fresh air in the morning is simply awesome and the weather is nice too, mild weather 🙂

When we walked pass the children playground, there’s a kid playing with his dinosaur toy. And by chance, he hit the dinosaur with his bat and the poor dinosaur just happened to land in front of me -_-”

I picked up the dinosaur while the kid running towards me. He was there, standing in front of me now, asking for his dinosaur. I was going to give him back his toy, but Malu want to play a game with this little kid. * hint hint * Sounded abit like those bian tai.

And here we go. ” Hey kiddo, what’s the name of this toy ? ” Malu asked the kid. Without a doubt, the kid replied us, ” it’s dinosaur ! ” with his cute accent. Malu threw him with another question, ” can you spell D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R ?? ” The kid hesitated for a while, and trying his best effort to spell the word out.

Em, D-I-N-O-S-O-R-E ! ” said the kid. Malu, the bully-king, burst out laughing, and told the kid, dinosaur is HUGE, they don’t get sore feet ! I was like -_-“ so wu liao eh . Afterthat, the kid give it a second try to spell the word again. ” D-I-N-O-S-A-R-U ! ” This time, I’m the one who burst out laughing, omg wads dino-saru ! -_-” I know it’s bad to laugh at someone, especially an innocent kid, but I just can’t help myself.

Yeah, and after that I told the kid, ” it’s U-R not R-U and you almost got it right !

Guess what, we did our grocery shopping just now and on the way walking back from the supermart, I saw that kid again ! OMG, we’re staying on the same street -_-” his house is just 3 houses distance away from mine. While we walked pass his house, he was in the garden with his parents and somehow he managed to recognise us. He was there waving and shouted, DINOSARU ! And all these got his parents’ attention and yeah we bumped into another conversation with his parents.

After listened to how we met up with his little son, their parents burst out laughing too.

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