The First Day of April

April’s Fool today. Friends were making some nonsense call on this morning, ” hey nick, want to go for luncheon later? I will pay for you bill ” LOL, I know there was definitely something wrong when I got this call in the morning, and after a while, I realised it’s actually a prank call and it’s April Fool ! And there you go, I started to make some prank calls to my friends and trying my best to trap them with my tricks. [ I forgot to save denise’s new number in my phone -_-, if nt she probably also kena le. Wuahaha ]

And on this date, the first of April, it’s my mom’s birthday ! I made a call in the afternoon to wish her happy birthday and I bought her a little present, she will only get this present after I go back to Malaysia at the end of the year. Once again, Happy Birthday Mom ! I love you everyday !

Cindy is leaving to London today and after her vacation in Europe, she’s gonna return to her home country, Korea. We had a farewell dinner with Cindy on yesterday at the Korean Town. There’s almost 80% of korean stuff in the Korean Town, you name it, and they will get it for you.

We dined out in one of the Korean restaurant there, it’s called ” chiang-gong ” in korean. Oh well, I can’t remember the correct pronunciation though. We had some yummy food there in the restaurant, especially the most famous korean dishes – ” Zha Jiang Men ” ( which means chacharoni, noodles cooked with soy-bean paste ) There were two types of chacharoni there, the dry one, and the “wet” one. But they both looks the same to me -_-”

Ahh, the yummy chacharoni !!

Chacharoni ( korean noodles )

Dry chacharoni

And, we actually ordered this sweet and sour pork. I dunno what is it call in korean, but it looks really tempting !

Sweet and sour pork

Kimchi ! The must-have when you dine out in a korean restaurant, served as side-dish !


And this is another korean side-dish, it’s kind of radish.

Korean side-dish

There’s actually a joke associated with this radish. They said, yellow coloured food can make man gone weaker, and for that, man can only take in some adequate amount of “ yellowed food ” Some random question, ” what if the guy over-dosing in yellowed food ” Oh well, replied my korean friend, they will have to take it more ginseng then, in order to help them to restore their “energy “. I was like o.O” , does it really works out that way ?!

Some snapshot of us in the restaurant.

Dining out in korean restaurant

Went to karaoke after our dinner, it was a korean karaoke lounge and I can’t found any of chinese pops there 😦

They are having fun in the lounge.

Having Fun @ karaoke lounge

Chiharu, the artist of the night.

Chiharu @ karaoke lounge

Cindy and Chiharu.

Cindy and chiharu @ karaoke lounge

Signing off now.


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