It’s all for sports

Woke up around 9 in the morning, and I know it’s gonna be a boring day as there’s no classes for the rest of the week until next week. Awww, it’s really torturing when u have nothing to do at home.

 After daydreaming in front of my laptop for a while, I actually felt abit hungry and I got myself a bowl of meatball noodles.

rice noodles with meatballs.

Mid term exam starting on next week and yet I haven’t start any of my revision yet. Aww, all of the papers are in multiple choice questions format, and I’m just not a big fans to MCQ ! Not because it’s hard or there’s too many up there for reading, but it’s somehow confusing to choose the right answer, because every answer are really similar!

Time flies, and I’ve been mugging on my text for 3 hours ! Woot, tat’s kinda like a record for myself. I mean, 3 hours of studies on a holiday seems quite unusual on myself.

Ah well, I guess I need to get some exersice ehh. The weighting scale keep showing 65 kg everytime I went on it, and it’s getting abit annoying now -_-

First off, we went for bowling games at a random bowling center in our suburb. The game was alright, I managed to clean most of the pins on my 1st attempt on each frame but the 2nd attempt to get a spare was so difficult in terms of accuracy.

The scoreboard, good starting but.

Bowling scoreboard

Chiharu and me, with our broken nails.

the broken nails

Spent like 3 hours in the bowling center and we decided to go for a walk at the park around our house. Yeah, the walk was pretty relaxing and the weather is nice. Love the mild weather here.

We had roasted chicken for diner with some side dishes at a random western restaurant.

My set of quarter chicken meal, with coleslaw and mashed potato. * FAT *

Roaster chicken with coleslaw

And I went swimming juz now right after our dinner. Well, I’m a totally beginner to qualify myself as a swimmer.

The temperature of the pool was like 24 or 26 celcius and it’s nice to swim. But because I’m new to it, I’m there to learn and for sure I drank some water from the pool, not because I’m thirsty but I accidentally breathe when I’m in the water.

Well, at least it’s a good try.

And I went on the stupid weighting scale again, right after my shower. Woot, 1.5 kgs gone !


This sounds promising on the phrase ” exercises good in keeping yourself fit

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