A day in the city


Everyone love shopping because it can actually kill off most of our spare time. Don’t you agree?

I went shopping again, with Malu-san ! But u know, I’m such a good boy, I didn’t buy anything except food because I will have to look after my budget from now on 🙂


There was actually road construction in the city for the new station. And I’m just happened to love this roadblock cuz I almost bang on it . While I was chatting with Malu, I didn’t noticed the existence of the roadblock until he shouted ” WATCH OUT ! ”


We had our lunch at one of the Italiano Cafe, can’t really remember the name though because it’s in italian !

I had this cheesy potato, looks cheesy enough.

Cheesy Potato

Malu had his choc and vanila muffins.

Vanila muffin and chocolate muffin

You may noticed that there’s one muffin missing !

And I’m always curious to try out something, and for that I grabbed one of his chocolate muffin.

We’re off for Borders book store to read some magazines there after our lunch.

There was sales promotion in Borders, we can buy 3 books for the price of two on selected books. Malu was offering me to get one for free since he’s buying two books for himself.

Oh well, there’s nothing fancy on the selected book lists. And Malu keep on grumbling why is it so hard for me to choose a book !

To keep his mouth shut, I got myself a medical book ! Survival of the sickest -_-”

Medical book

That really wasn’t my style to read some medical book but this one seems interesting and simple enough for me to understand the contents.

After Borders, we continue our window shopping spree again. Malu bought a pair of shoe from Vans outlet.

Vans style.


Oh yeah, we actually had our high tea at a random chinese restaurant in town before we going back. The waiters in the restaurant act really funny wei. I ordered cold milktea while Malu had his oranged juice with milk.

orange juice

Here comes the funny part.

The waiter brought one hot milktea and one orange juice to our table. I asked, ” sorry, I thought I’d ordered a cold milktea ? ”  Let me have a look at the order, replied the waiter. The waiter returned to my table again and took the cup of hot milktea away.

After a while, he returned with a cup of cold milktea.

I was expecting a cup of milktea like this, with ice of course. ( this is a random pic found on the net )cold milk tea

But sadly, the waiter returned with this !

iced milktea

I was like, wtfff is this ?! And Malu having his time laughing at me. That was really stupid to call it cold milk tea -_-” Why is it so hard to add some ice cubes in the cup huh?

As for now, I can’t stop laughing at this photo while I’m uploading it to my blog.

Been eating alot lately, especially on those junk foods. And for curiousity sake, I borrowed a weighting scale from my housemate. And it showed ……….

weighting scale

 65 KGs ! I seriously have to cut down on junk foods. I was 63 kg in early february.

Right hoooo, I’m going to sleep now 🙂 Abit over exhausted now after walking around in the city for 7 hours ! Gonna mug hard for the mid-term exam on next week >_<

And once again, thanks for reading 🙂

Signing off,


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