The fondue

Haagen dazs fondue

Finally the easter break is here and guys, let’s party !

The weather been warm for the previous week but it’s cooling down now as autumn is approaching.

When it comes to holiday, it simply means we have to relax abit and being abit impulsive. And in compliance to that, We went for shopping in Chadstones for the whole day ! Omgg, we found a factory outlet store there and guess what, it has got alot of stuffs in there, both branded one or casual wear.

Well, I bought a t-shirt and a polo for myself, that’s cost me around 40 bucks. Yeah, it’s cheap and everyone’s happy including my wallet because he didn’t lose much of his weight, it’s only 40 bucks c’mon !

The weather was really warm and humid on that day. So we decided to have some refreshment before going to federal square. After 10 minutes of discussion, we decided to went to Haagen Dazs and grab the fondue set there since there’s promotion on their merchandise.

I’m sharing the twin-share fondue with Malu. ( what a name…) He just wan us to call him choice la.

While waiting for the set of fondue, snapshooting the menu and the ads-board.

Haagen Dazs fondue menu

Haagen Dazs fondue menu 2

Haagen Dazs fondue menu 3

Finally, our set of fondue is here 🙂

Haagen Dazs fondue 1

Balls of ice cream and sorbet. Ehh, one is missing ?!!

Haagen Dazs fondue - ice cream and sorbet 2

Haagen Dazs fondue - ice cream and sorbet

Dip dip dip dip… uhh love the hot choc !

Haagen Dazs fondue - hot chocolate sauce

The fruits doesn’t look fresh enough -_-”

Haagen Dazs fondue - fruits

It makes me thought of chipsmore 😦

Haagen Dazs fondue - cookies

The ice cream and sorbet request for more appearance in my blog. ICE CREAM, TAKE TWO ! ACTION !

Haagen Dazs fondue - sorbet

However, this set of fondue caused me suffer from sugarshock for 2 hours -_-

The so called authentic chocolate sauce is way too sweet and I took 2 bottles of mineral waters while on the way going back home.

Weeeee, it’s easter day ! I got a bunny-shaped chocolates from my housemate 🙂 But human is always greedy, I WANT THE M&Ms !!!!

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