Flyer’s nightmare

I was there surfing on the net this morning while waiting for the others to wake up for our weekly grocery shopping.

Browsed through a website with the news on German National Carriers, Lufthansa. It was reported that one of their aircraft was nearly crashed at Hamburg Airport while the pilot attempting to do crosswind approach landing. According to the news, Lufthansa jet struggled through 90 kilometer-per-hour (56 miles per hour) crosswinds on its approach into Hamburg Airport.

The footage from of this disaster. A MUST SEE !


We all having fun laughing at the video footage while watching it. But, if I was ever on the flight, I doubt that I can still squeeze out a wink on my face eh.

The photo of Lufthansa Airbus 320. Same model as the one in the video.

lufthansa A320

And for your information, it’s GENERAL ELECTION DAY in my homecountry, Malaysia today ! Though I’m 21 years old but I didn’t even register for it. LOL, how patriotic am I ?

I just checked the election results update on, Barisan National ( BN ) is dominating the lead with 40 seats ! Follwing by PAS , DAP. Anyway, it has got nothing to do with me cuz I’m now in aussie land -__-“

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