Shoutout of the day !

I hate people who keep on backstab people as if they’re having fun while backstabbing ppl. I found them very irritated, when you want to speak out something about me, come to me instead of speading the twisted facts around.

And for some reason, I hate those people who don’t have the concept of hygienic at all. Omfg, why don’t you clean the fried pan after u done with the cooking. It’s fine if you don’t wash it, and it’s worse after u wash it. You know what? You just simply use water to wash it but wad about the detergent? And how can you ensure that the oily partical are fully removed? C’mon lar, thing for someone else. Don’t be a selfish guy okie?

For some reason, I hate group assignment. It’s cool if everyone are there to put in their greatest effort, but please don’t do last minute work cuz it will screw out the grade, not just a little bit, but alot. And for god’s sack, pls don’t skip the weekly meeting, cuz you can’t catch up with the scheduled work. However, I’m really looking forward for this term’s assignment in this brand new environment !

I guess I will stop grumbling here. There’re too many things there for me to grumble about. Argh, I’m tired.


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