Weekly Hitz Songs

Taa-dah, I’m addicted to Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love, One Republic – Apologise, Don’t stop the music – Rihanna, The veronicas – Untouched and many more. Got to know those songs from 92.9 perth hitz music station through their online live radio.

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love.

And there’s One Republic – Apologise music video here.

Okie that’s all for my update on my weekly hitz songs.

Spent most of the time at home today playing the new launched Cabal Online. Oh well, it was full of disappointment, lots of rollbacks on the server and I’m getting frustrated ! In addition, they was supposed to launch the game on 2 p.m ( GMT +8 ) and they delayed with “server will be open until further notice” which was 11:30 ( GMT+8 ). I’m just here to whine about this, but yeah gaming is just for fun, no point for continue playing if u’re unhappy !

Some extra updates :

Kena tagged by Denise, the moo moo cow ! And she knew that I’m lazy to do the tag but still kena paksa to do it -_-“

Okieess, let’s get the game started, shall we ?

8 Random Facts

Rules & regulations.
1) Each person tagged must post these rules.
2) They must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3) When I say random, I mean R-A-N-D-O-M.
4) You’ll have to elaborate about the facts.
5) The blogger shall then tag 8 of their pitiful friends.

 8. I don’t like to share things with others

Well, some of you might notice that I don’t really like to share somthing with others in terms of my own properties, i.e shampoo, cup, shower gel, and many others. But, if I’m there to offer you, make sure you accept it hey ! I’m putting my greatest effort in overcoming this bad-habit.

7. I can stay inside the house for 1 whole week without going out  

When I don’t feel like going out, especially during my term break, I can just spend all of my time in the house. Some of you might ask, wad am I doing in the house for the one whole week. Em, watching movie, gaming, reading, eating, Wii-ing, munching junk food, and SLEEPING !

6. Rudy’s Bear Fever

I’ve got a teddy bear with me, and his name is lerudis. He’s been with me for a long while, not that I can remember anymore cuz I’m getting old. LOLs. Wherever you found me, you will found him as well, EXCEPT public places larh -_-

5. Big-Chef Wannabe

LOL, I love cooking ! I like to create alot of weird recipe and menu that normal ppl doesnt eat ’em that way ! Omelette with tomato sauce inside?  Chocolate temptation Nutella toast ? Fried egg with Indo-Mee ? Yeah, and I got one of denise’s recipe, soda biscuit with sweetened creamer ! Our must-have for burning midnight oil -_-“

4. Shopping ! Impulsiveness !!!

I really enjoy shopping at those departmental stores especially those with BIG discounts or sales. Sounds impulsive heh, I’ve got a budget to look after, so I spent most of my time doing window shopping, also research on price -_-” The Slogan, “SAVE EVERY CENT FROM NOW ON ……

3. Nothing can resist me from Junk Food.


The “for junk food” is actually part of the slogan. HAHAHA ! Which means I’m still spending an adequate amount of money on junk food. Without junk food, I think I can barely survive from the boring lectures in uni and of course I’ll be starving during night time !

2. I’m very 38 and like to gossip with friends.

Keeping in touch with the latest info and gossip bout ppl’s stuff are the best way to interact with friends. Don’t you think so?

1. I’ve got double personality. WATCH OUT !

Sometimes, if you notice, I’ve got an evil side of myself. Big mood swing, depression, bad temper, and many thing else.Please BEWARE !

And now, I would like to tag : Michael, Yuk, Hui Ying, Janica, Alvin and Trish


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