Conversation of the day

Chat with Denise a while ago, she met the lilttle ju-on today in the bus on the way back to Willetton. Talking about the little ju-on, who’s that? Ta-dah, that’s one of my friend too, his name is nathan.

 I was putting the pic of the panda-ish cat up on my displayed pic. Denise pm-ed immediately when she realise that was her artwork.

“Long time didn’t draw that cat already”, says Denise.

Well, if she ever mention that it’s been a long while for her to draw the cat, means she’s going to draw it.

And there you go, I got another meowzi from her.

denise drawing

Cute? You better say yes, or else ….

Muching on Oreo Cookies while typing this update. Oreo is sooo delicious when dipped with milk ! Yuumms

Oreo eating

If you notice my table, it looks horrible but it’s only for a while. I’ve got a new one coming !

Eating Oreo 2

Oreo and the mug. Oops, gaming !! Pls don’t tell my parents….

oreo and the mug

Famous Amos, my all-time favourite ! It’s expensive in Aus 😦

famous amos cookies

 The overall of my work-station.

my workstation

It’s been warm today after days of mild weather. Looking forward for more sunshine on tomorrow.

Signing off !

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