The pranks

While I’m checking my e-mail this morning, I found this in my mailbox. It was a prank, a really good one, but please bear in mind not to fall off from your seat after you read it.

The e-mail start with the photo of spice girls, the uk band.

spice girls

Still, the photo of the uk band, spice girls.

spice girls 2

Are you ready for the prank ?

Are you sure you want to have a look at it ?

Be patient, let’s read this laughter before we proceed to the next stage.

” After weeks of medical treatment, my doctor became concerned about some redness around my waist, so he sent me to a specialist. When that doctor entered the examination room, he studied my chart, then looked at me sitting in the chair. “

” Should I take my clothes off ?” I asked.

” No need to, ” he said. ” I already see the problem. Your pants are too tight.”

How was the laughter? Funny enough to make you laugh ?

If that isn’t good enough to make you laugh, let’s try the prank now !

Dang dang dang ~ Introducing the Taiwanese Spice Girls.

pranked 01

Gorgeous? Adorable ? There’s more !

pranked 02

pranked 03

Okie, let’s stop this. I don’t want everyone vomit beside their computer desk cause that’s a bit disgusted ! Take it easy, it’s just a prank. Be happy and laugh it out ! 🙂


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