Last day for february

Summary for the month of february !

Uni started week ago. Happy to see the new environment but I hate the new timetable, gonna go back to uni 4 days a week. But, thanks to Nate for the swap and make my life easier ! Yes, 3 days a week !

Missed the Chap Goh Mei again this year. I thought I can spend the whole 15 days of Chinese New Year back in Malaysia which I think it’s impossible at all cuz the new year always crashed with the australian universities timetable. It’s good to have at least 9 days for the celebration this year, so it’s cool. Gossiped with family members, relatives, yeah hell alot of fun !

Went for grocery shopping yesterday, shopped alot of junk foods. I’m just being impulsive 🙂 Not as impulsive as before of course !

Stacy bought me one of this !!! Something rare in Australia ! DURIAN !


And I bought 2 eggtarts, 1 for me, and 1 for the panda.

egg tart

While waiting for the ladies to try on their new shoes.

self-shooting at the shop

At the shops.

the merchandise

the merchandise

Gonna start to watch the new drama on tomorrow night with my housemates, Prison Break Season 3 ! I think there are only 13 episodes for this season, cuz there’re only 13 episodes on the net.

prison break promotional snapshot

priosn brek promotional snapshot

prison break snapshot

小综 walked in just now and suggest that we can actually run a movie marathon from tomorrow until sunday as there’s gonna be a public holiday on coming monday. Yes, the labor day ! Doh, it’s nothing for me, cuz I don’t have uni on monday, ohh well 😦

Time to hit the bed now, nites everyone !


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