Pasar Malam

As a Malaysian, I’m sure all of us are familiar with the term ‘ Pasar Malam ‘ which means night market. The famous one are usually found in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. There are one in chinatown, Petaling Jaya SS2 and somewhere else in KL. I’m not so sure about the others cuz I’m not staying in KL.

But that wasn’t the main part for this update. Today I’m going to show you guys how does a Pasar Malam in Taiwan looks like. Well, we were told by others that the Pasar Malam in Taiwan is a must-go !

There are alot of night markers all around Taiwan. However, we only went to the one in TaiChong which is 3 hours by cab from TaoYuan International Airport after our arrival.

After unload our luggage at the hotel, we called to the cab center and ordered a cab to pick us up from our hotel to the night market named 逢甲夜市.

There’re alot of food and merchandise all around the night market there. The whole market was so huge that it covered almost 8 streets or maybe more, cuz we only walked for 8 streets -_- and we’re exhausted after that.

The taiwanese-lolok. Seems abit disgusting ( my point of view ) For someone else, they might say YUM !

food at pasar malam

The Pasar Malam.

pasar malam

Colorful signboard to attracts customers.

pasar malam - popcorn chicken

We bought one of these. Taste like the pop-corn chicken @ KFC.

pop-corn chicken

The menu.

creative menu

Squid !! Sotong ! only 50 bucks !

squid house

The making of !


The finished goods.

squid roll

The stall that have the most ppl means what ? DELICIOUS LAH OF COURSE !

people queing up for good food.

What a name -_-


This is what they selling. 大肠包小肠 !


Sour-plum-soup ( plum juice )

sour plum juice

Muahaha, this one definitely the food that stink alot ! 臭豆腐 ! Pay him $25 and it’s your.

chao tao fu

And they’ve a arcade that specially for these, nothing else, just these kind of things.


Uni again on tomorrow. It’s my favourite subject, criminology 🙂

Signing off now !

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