Irresistible Japanese Food !

I missed the sushi buffet at Jaws on every saturday for 45 minutes badly ! Can someone bring me there ? hahahaa

I made sushi roll for lunch today. Sadly, my camera was out of battery and I can’t snap a shot on my dishes. It wasn’t of something artistic like those high class japanese restaurant, but I’m sure it wasn’t taste bad either.

Recalled on days in KL before I leaving for Australia, I hang out with my friend at Midvalley Megamall and we had our dinner there at Sushi King.

I thought I’m going to order some sushi but my friend has got something to introduce.

It’s the Cold Soba Set !!! Soba means a thin japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. Soba is usually served cold with the sauce while udon is usually served hot.

my cold soba set 🙂 I was shocked that it has so many things in there -_-”

cold soba set

My friend was there to tease me, says :” you can order sushi only if u can finish all these.” I don’t think my stomach can still fit in the sushi though they’re delicious !

After 12 hours from having our lunch, everyone in the house seems okie. No signs of food poisoning.

Signing off !

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