Malaysia Airlines inflight meal

This update should be on last friday right after I landed at KLIA, sorry for the delay heh.

So, the flight was having a stop-over at Kota Kinabalu International Airport from Osaka before leaving for Kuala Lumpur. I was a bit shiok in the departure hall right after I saw the aircraft, a Boeing 777. * jumps *

In addition, the departure gate was located on the new building as mentioned in my previous update. It’s just awesome !

Been spending my time with this story book while waiting in departure hall

my story book

The wing of the aircraft MH 051 from Osaka – BKI – KUL.

rainy day

Cruising at 921 km/h for KUL.


The soft-drink served on Malaysia Airlines.


Bad weather huh

bad weather

Malaysia Airlines with it’s new launched inflight meal for flight with the duration below 3 hours.

the ‘cigarettes‘ pack of Malaysia Airlines inflight meal.

malaysia airlines inflight meal

Curious, let see what’s in there.

malaysia airlines inflight meal -2

Landed at KLIA and the cabin view of the triple-seven.

cabin view of malaysia airlines boeing 777

Today is the last day for Chinese New Year, also known as Chap Goh Mei. Though we can’t celebrate it with our family members here in Australia but we can still celebrate it with friends and flatmates.

We had steamboat just now for dinner. Poor thing, I’m the only one busy preparing the food and those guys just simply ‘goyang kaki’ and busy eating there. Luckily I kept some for myself cuz I know they won’t left any of it for me. But, it was quite a relaxing and enjoyable dinner with my high school friends and The-Panda !

Argh, uni again on tomorrow 😦 Gotta knock off now !

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