Travelogue – Hot springs at Taiwan

Been very busy with my chinese new year preparation these few days, went out with mum for grocery shopping, gotong-royong, busy stocking up for junk foods for new year visitors and many others. I didn’t shop for any new clothes this year, maybe there wasn’t any for me in the market, or maybe I’m way too picky heh.

The weather has been nasty too, imagine walking under the sun for almost 1 hour when it’s 34 degrees out there. I’m so gonna die from de-hydrating but luckily I applied some sun-block before I stepped out from my house, so I guess it wasn’t too bad then. But the hot and humid tropical climate can be very irritating too !

So what’s the main topic for today’s update? Shall we move on to the main topic – Taiwan Hot Springs.

Actually, SPA are quite famous all around taiwan especially when it’s winter, you can easily spot any advertisement on SPA all around the streets, even on the electronic devices such as TV, or gigantic LCD screens in the shopping malls. Well, it’s just common activity in Taiwan but for me, a very malaysian-ish guy, I must go and try it out since I’m in Taiwan !

Therefore, four of us went to Taipei Train Station and bought the tickets going to Jiao Xi, the town of hot springs. According to the travellers’ guide, it says this town is very well known for the hot springs in this area and almost every hotel here has got their own natural hot springs for SPA. That wasn’t the main point really, what really drags out attention is the pricing ! After spotting on the hotel list for a while, we all decided t o choose the one named with Bachelor’s Hotel. The name sounds abit errrr…..but it’s really good and worth for every cents you paid !

Arriving at Jiao Xi, the home of hot springs. The water inside the little pond is warm, cuz it’s a natural hot spring deep under it.


I only managed to snapped some shots of the public SPA lounge but not the private one. It’s because no electronic devices are allowed to bring into the private SPA lounge as everyone in there are all naked.

Here are some snapshots of the public SPA lounge 🙂





Ppl out there can spot us easily -_-”


A cup of juice is what exactly u need to restore ur energy after having the SPA.


That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

The stupid influenza is getting annoying with the coughs. I want to eat all those yummy foods during chinese new year 😦

As for now, I seriously need to get some rest now 🙂

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