Freaking electronic !

I guess my house definitely having problem with those electronical devices hey.

First off, the interne service has been down for 2 days continuously. I guess it was the modem problem or maybe the TmNut was the one behind all these crappy things.

Then night time, my air conditioner wasn’t working at all ! Guess I should call up the technician on tomorrow? Else, I think I’m gonna suffer from the humidity in my room. Fan is just good enough to get some air circulation but not cooling though 😦

TmNut, the dominant of broadband service in Malaysia yet not giving quality service to the users. It’s been so many years since they implemented it, but I hardly see any improvement in the service provided. I’m totally disappointed, really disappointed….

The internet service is back now after disconnecting for 2 days. 🙂 Thanks God !

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