Things to do in february

Time flies, and it’s february now !

I spent like half of my days in january on traveling o.O” Departed on 9th of jan and arrived Malaysia on 23th -_-” After that went to Ipoh somemore, how shiok is that ! I need more holidays !! 

In compliance to more holidays for me, my wallet got something to say here.

“Hey I haven’t fully recovered from the injury from the trip in Jan, I’ve lost too many blood, also my wound will be getting bigger if you continue to spend money.”

But, in February, there’s gonna be a big celebration for Chinese ! Can you guys guess what is the celebration ? Can’t think of it ? Let me tell you guys, it’s chinese new year celebration. Hee, 6 more days to go and I’m all ready for red-packet hunting.

And for the chinese new year celebration, I’ve got something to tell my wallet.

“Hey hows your wound? Is it serious? Losing alot of blood heh? But nevermind la, chinese new year is around the corner which means alot of money coming in to your pocket soon. You shld be very happy rite?”

Of course my wallet will be very happy if he get alot of ang-pows during chinese new year and that will help him to fully recovered from the injury from January during my trip to both taiwan and hong kong. And perhaps I can travel to somewhere else then.

In less than three weeks time, I’m leaving to Australia again. Lol, it’s almost 6 months since I came bck to Malaysia. Malaysia is great, the food are delicious, the ppl are nice, great trafic system but the weather really irritates me, extremely hot! What do you expect on a tropical country haha, well just get use to it and STOP COMPLAINING. I think Aus will be pretty hot in february too, godness 43 degrees in last summer 😦

Guess I’m gonna do some lite revision now as my semester will be commenced in less than 3 weeks time. Without the revision, I think my brain will be all lusted when I deal with the academic works after hypernating my brain for 6 months XD

Okies, I should go for my high tea with my dad now. Ciao

Stay tune for the update for the travel log on the coming update. Byes !

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