Snoopy’s World

Here comes the update for my trip in Hong Kong. Well, as u can see from the title, today’s update is gonna be something to do with Charlie Brown, and their friend, Snoopy.

This Snoopy Park is located at Sha Tin suburb in Hong Kong, together with a newly built shopping mall. ( Err, I think I forgot wads the name for the shopping mall dy XD ) But, for who’re interested to go there, ask the local and they will tell you how to get there.

For the shopping mall over there, it’s really big and always packed with the crowd. But that wasn’t the main point of this post -_-”

The main part of this update is focused on SNOOPY’S WORLD !

The entrance to Snoopy’s World

entrance to snoopy’s world

The Living room

Charlie sitting there watching TV

the TV

I guess it’s the window -_-

Library ? or study lounge.haha

The posters

The bench for resting inside the park

The bones

Some other scenes inside the park ( lazy to go in too details -_-” bah im lazy )

snoppy on the roof top -o-

Diner, lots of ppl studying or having their take-away from McD here -_-

post office pula

something cute




the school bus

Snoopy are all around the poles there !




Some decorations of Charlie Brown & Snoopy in the park.



Oops my hand holding the camera, ternampak pula.




After that, we went to have the ” yu gap ” means deep fried pigeon / bird ( forgot le, aiya wadever la, it is sth can fly ) at Bei Fung Tong ( a restaurant inside the dunno wad shopping mall, again I forgotten the name ). Hey tell u wad, this cuisine is a must try for those who visit Hong Kong !

Don’t be frightened by the term “deep fried pigeon / bird“, just go and order one, and tear it up and put it in your mouth. Eventually, your mind will tell you, woooo YUMMY !

Some snapshots for the Yu Gap

Yu Gap, deep fried pigeon/bird

The Dessert we had, some honey coated thing. They call it Ma-fa.


The view of the Bei Fung Tong restaurant.

The Bei Fung Tong restaurant

The weird-shaped thing for soya-sauce and white pepper powder.

The weirdoo

The menu.

The Menu

Pheww, finally done with the photo-editing and the update for this post. I think I should go for my bed now as I’m exhausted and act like piece of dead-meat now.

Good nites everyone 🙂

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