Traveling again ! I’m in Ipoh now :)

After having a rest in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur after my arrival from Hong Kong, I’m on my way to Ipoh again. Oh well, mr.nathan, my ex-housemate has been asking me to pay him a visit since he got back in Malaysia which I think it was a month ago. So, after getting enough rest in KL, today I took a bus from KL station to Ipoh.

Oh my God, the bus took me 2 and a half hours from KL t0 Ipoh which is really boring cuz there aren’t any entertainment on the bus. ( not even a magazine or television ) And hack, they don’t have a toilet on the bus too ! But, luckily there was a stopover at the rest station while we’re on the way to Ipoh. Anyway the whole journey was just ……great.

Mr.nathan, the local tour-guide ( my ex-housemate ) was there to fetch me after my arrival at Ipoh bus terminal. Lol, as soon as I dropped my backpack at his house, we went to the shopping mall in Ipoh which is Parade. ( I think it was parade cuz I have bad memory XD and the explanation from mr.nathan was too clear for me as I’m not paying attention while he explaining where are we going juz now )

Shortly after the window-shopping at The Parade, we went to a cafe called Old Town Kopitiam and had my breakfast + lunch + high tea there. The foods there are delicious and looks really tempting on the menu. I ordered curry noodles with cup of cold milktea and mr.nathan had his chicken noodle soup. Oh yeah, we ordered polo-bun and the toasted kaya bun as well. Sadly, I don’t have my camera with me at the moment, so yeah there aren’t any photo update for this post 😦

Well, I’m knocking off for supper right now 🙂

Stay tune for the update on tomorrow ya. Ciao

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