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For the past ten days, I spent my time in both Hong Kong and Taiwan for my holiday escape. My holiday escape was great and I just can’t describe that kind of feeling here, it was just awesome. But hack, u know, there’s always someone came up in the middle while u’re enjoying from doing something. For my case, there’s a cigarrettes-lover in my trip and he’s my friend’s friend. He really enjoyed from smoking, I can tell by his daily food supply which is a pack of cigarrettes. Hack, I don’t care if he’s gonna smoke 10 packets of cigarrettes everyday, but can he show some courtesy there? What irritates me the most was he came in to my room ( cuz I’m staying in a room with his friend ) and smoke in my room ! I’m so gonna smack his face, but I’m a good boy 🙂

Okiedokes, lets skipped out from the story of a smoker who basically screwed up my mood almost everyday once he started to show up in my room and taking out a pack of cigarrettes from his pocket.

Guess what, I’m flying with Cathay Pacific Airways for my trip to both Taiwan and Hong Kong. What really boost up my adrenaline was the aircraft they used ! Woohoo, nothing better than Boeing 777-300 or we called it 77w. It was so comfy sitting in the cabin of a 77w aircraft.

Here are some snapshots of Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-300.

cathay pacific airways boeing 777-300

cathay pacific aiways npeing 777-300 taxiing

Im going to do the update on my Hong Kong trip and Taiwan trip in the coming update but not in this update cuz I’m sooo tired at the moment. Hehe, I’m lazy as always or a better term, procrastinating. 

The average temperature in both Taiwan and Hong Kong was around 18-20 degrees and it was 33 degrees in Malaysia. What a big difference there and I’m now sweating while updating this post. Guess I’m going to have another shower before I hit my bed. Gonna spend some time to adjust myself back to tropica mode, hahaa.

Alrites, that’s all for my update and I’m exhausted now 😦

Stay tune for tomorrow’s update !

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