Holiday Escapes

After months of training in audit firm, my body surely developed alot of negative forces such as tensions, and it can be seen thru my recent behaviour. I get angry pretty easy cuz I just lose my patience somewhere. And for so, I think I need a cure for this which I think travelling can be the best medicine 🙂

 I really enjoy travelling alot cuz when I’m still a kiddo, my ambition was to become a pilot and flying an airplane. But that was the dream back in my childhood, it never comes to real though 😦

I booked my ticket to HK & Taiwan for MYR 1910 last for 10 days or so. Cheap aye? I guess I got the best bargain ever for such an airfare, here I would like to give the credit to my big sista, Levana. She’s good with price comparison and market research, and she always the treasurer for us and the controller of our budget. That’s becuz she’s majoring in marketing, eheh heh.

As for now, I’m doing another job for them, route planning. I think I’m quite good in planning where to travel around 🙂 However, lots of works to do though. I need to chop down everything from the net, also to find the cheapest backpack hostel as our budget are limited. I wondered if hitch-hiking ever existed in HK and Taiwan 😛 Nahhh, we rather pay for the buses 🙂

Life pretty easy isn’t it ? Just take it the easiest way and for sure u will get to enjoy it. Be optimistic, don’t go for the hardest way 🙂

Why do things the hard way ?

Right hooo, I’m done with my update and I think I’m going to bed now. Sigh, gonna recharge for the stamina as I’m getting older everyday haha. Ciaos


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