Today’s my last day ! Woohoo

Once again, I’m returning to my ordinary student life cuz I just finished my training in audit firm for the period of four months since September 2007.

Here, I would like to express my appreciation to all of my colleagues who lend me their hand during my training.

Ms Kong, she’s a great manager with superb patience in guilding us in carry out the audit work. Apparently, she’s the most experienced staff in the firm and her explanation are always straight to the point without too many twisting around. In addition, she has such a nice personality as well heh.

Ah Yuk, here’s the jester for us in the audit firm ! He’s a kind of optimistic boy in the office and he is the only one that organise alot of events for gathering and our only lunch-time planner ! Nonetheless, he’s also having good patience in instructing new audit trainee such as ME ! Also, he’s our president 🙂 陈主席万岁!!!! Thanks alot for the bank confirmation 😛

Ah Chok, an easy-going character and another laughter in our office. He might seems like a cold guy when he’s not talking, but once he talk, you know how well you can go along with his topics. Well, that’s because I know him so well, err not really la, but its above average okie ! Anyhoos, he’s the only MASHI-MARO in the office know !

Carman & Leei, these two girls hor, can gossip about anything one, but I’m one of the member also la -__-” Everyday we gossiping bout the baseball bat ( 棒球棍 ) on the bad side of the baseball bat. Hey , thx alot for the-fooling-around-ness in the office 🙂 Hopefully you all can still go on and be the paparazzi in the office for me XD You guys are doing so well, gambate in ur studies ya !

Ms.Shim, if I’m going to say, SHE’S MY ONLY HOPE IN THE OFFICE ! Will you believe me? Lots of you might not believe this to be true, but I’m going to tell you, without her, I think I cannot survived for that long ! Why ?  Why ? Why she’s my only hope ?!!! Easy easy, cuz she’s the only person incharge of my salary in the office, if she wasn’t giving me my salary, HOW LONG DO U THINK I CAN SURVIVE WOR !

Claudia, she is just………..great……..

The Book-Keeping staffs, hey seriously you guys rock ! Thanks for helping all the way through and I’m gicing extra credits here for Ah yee, thanks for helping in handling Ms.Gan’s shits ! Wahaha, Sin Ban Hock Motor Sdn Bhd, wad a HOCK name, after u do the audit, u will become really HOCK !

Juz now was playing Lami at PTT’s house ( her name is Pang Ting Ting, correct me if I spelled it wrongly, and PTT isn’t  for ” Push To Talk “)with Ms.Chia, Ah yuk and Ah Chok. We are having fun playing there though I don’t know how the Lami works but I’m learning it 🙂 After the Lami session, we went to KFC for supper and it’s gonna takes me a while for digesting the zinger burger I ate just now. This explained why I’m still here to update my blog 🙂 Remember, DON’T IMMEDIATELY GO TO BED AFTER SUPPER, ITSSSS BADDDD FORRR URRR HEALLLTTTHH ! Stop acting like a mum, would you? Pfft !

Okiess dokess, I’m done with the update and I’m going to watch the midnight show on TV now 🙂

 Same old shits again, stay tune till tomorrow and have a nice dream later. Taaaahh

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