Feel the rain

Tomorrow will be my last day working in the audit firm, guess I will have to settle down alot of things on tomorrow heh 😄

It was scorching hot in the afternoon while we going out for lunch today. Oh man, I’m wearing long sleeves somemore, double heat-absorption !

The rain stopped for a while and continue to rain again after I arrived home -__-”

I was sitting down there surfing the net after I get myself changed to house-wear. When I was configuring my blog setting, suddenly my laptop’s screen turned blackout. WTF, NO CURRENT LE 😦 Very sien one you know ! Want cut current just cut it in the morning ba, cut it in my office pls ! LOL, I’m so evil !

While I’m suffering from the sien-ness, I took my camera and do some crappy photo shooting session 🙂

The skyline before the rain


The Effects

The Rain 3

The Rain

It looks like alot of coins hanging on the tree -_-” ( It was merely my imagination )

Coins Fall

I have no idea how I shoot this photo 😛

The Rain 2

Hey guys, thats all for today’s update 🙂 Stay tune till tomorrow , ciao ~


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