Feel the rain

Tomorrow will be my last day working in the audit firm, guess I will have to settle down alot of things on tomorrow heh XD

It was scorching hot in the afternoon while we going out for lunch today. Oh man, I’m wearing long sleeves somemore, double heat-absorption !

The rain stopped for a while and continue to rain again after I arrived home -__-”

I was sitting down there surfing the net after I get myself changed to house-wear. When I was configuring my blog setting, suddenly my laptop’s screen turned blackout. WTF, NO CURRENT LE 😦 Very sien one you know ! Want cut current just cut it in the morning ba, cut it in my office pls ! LOL, I’m so evil !

While I’m suffering from the sien-ness, I took my camera and do some crappy photo shooting session 🙂

The skyline before the rain


The Effects

The Rain 3

The Rain

It looks like alot of coins hanging on the tree -_-” ( It was merely my imagination )

Coins Fall

I have no idea how I shoot this photo 😛

The Rain 2

Hey guys, thats all for today’s update 🙂 Stay tune till tomorrow , ciao ~


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