I’m a good boy :)

Today is just awesome, nice weather in the morning while I’m on the way to my workplace. Lol, this is not the main point heh. The main character for the day was the papers that I’m holding with my hand 🙂 Whooo ! What’s that for?

Well, to solve out the curiousity out there, the answer is TRAINEE APPRAISAL FORM !

I’m so afraid to approach my boss to hand this form over to him, probably because he has such a big mood swings everyday. Well, we never know whether he’s happy or he’s trying to look up for some troubles. I will have to use this to describe my routine in the office, “Sit back, get ur job going, behave yourself and enjoy”. Luckily he didn’t showed any sign of unhappiness while I hand in my appraisal form 🙂

So, I’m officially in the mood of resigning from the job as a trainee, my last day will be on coming friday. Aww, should I happy or should I feel abit up set 😦 Hey, same old thing again, life must go on !

What I need to do now is make sure I keep up my vitamin C levels with all those sunrises, so I was fresh for work the next day. A chocolate bar at 2 a.m helps too  XD And I’m such a goodboy, by making sure of I’m having the right amount of vitamins everyday 🙂


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