Happy New Year 2008 !!

Happy New Year to everyone who reading this post right now ! It might be a late wishes to you but at least it’s delivered to you after u logged on to my blog  🙂

 I wasn’t going out for the countdown last night, probably because of the sien-sation out there. It’s not that I’m anti-social, but there’s nothing happening out there, somemore you have to pay for the fuel and toll fees -_-” I’m lovin it.

After 2007, I was looking for some changes on myself. But you know, reality is still reality. In the very first day of 2008, I told myself to wake up at 8 p.m, oops it’s a.m. But guess what, I woke up at 9:30 😦 and that was my first attempt without throwing away or hammering the alarm using my hand 🙂 Yesh ! A BIG STEP TOWARDS SUCCESS !

Auntie Mary called me in the afternoon and trying to invite me for lunch at Dreamland Cafe. Well, if someone is going to pay for your food, why not 😛 Oww man, I sounds so materialistic here, I think I’m going to erase this paragraph afterwards. (Laughing…)

The set lunch menu seems attractive with Dreamland’s fried chicken and grilled fish with buttered-lemon. I never like salmon especially a grilled one. Soo, you know what am I going to order, didn’t you ? 😛

fried chicken

My cousin took alot of photos of me while I’m having my lunch. I’m going to destroy his camera soon -_-”

Here are some photos while we are waiting for the food to be served 🙂

Auntie Mary looking at the set lunch menu while I was shooting a random pic at her direction.

Auntie mary                                              

The story of a chicken who kena chopped and deep-fried by chef. –> chicken chop desuka !

chicken chop

The infamous grilled salmon with buttered lemon :S

Grilled salmon

Soup of the day, soup kambing -_-”

Soup Kambing

My favourite chocolate cookies 😀 together with my unhealty finger nails. hahaha

Choc Cookies

After I had my dinner just now, I was invited to a chatroom of 15 people ! Lol, nothing else but shocked cuz most of them up there are totally strangers to me -_-” And they’re having fun talking cock there ! What to do next? Quickly moved my mouse to the ‘X’ at top right and clicked on it !

15 people chatting on msn

Argh, it’s 11:58 pm right now and I wasn’t feeling asleep yet ! But hey, tomorrow you have to work ehh. I know 😦

So, it’s time for me to say good nites to you all and wish you all have a nice dream later 🙂 For those who’re in Europe / US, have a pleasant day ya !

Signing off now,



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