Year end assessment !

What have I done throughout the year in 2007 ?

There are alot of things to be recalled for the year 2007. Some are probably the best memory ever in my life, some are the worst thing I had ever encountered in my life. Well, life ain’t easy and it’s just like an economy cycle of a nation, from up to down, from boom to recession.

I’ve gone thru the very depressed moment this year and it tooks me a long while to walk out from the shade of my depression in July. It’s very hard to describe the mixture of happiness and sadness when u encounter both at the same time. How I wish I can be immuned to the sorrow.

Another thing was leaving my friends in perth, sob 😦

Hey, that’s alot of fun when we hang out together ! Calling each other mobile after we knocked off from uni 😛 Having fun time at Utopia / Tea Fusion drinking bubbletea, printing our footprints all along the city center, hehehe. Or the most enjoyable moment at saturday morning? Yum Cha desuka ! Lol, I’m not trying to be sad and sentimental mentioning all these, but I’m sure we can gather together again during my next visit to Perth 🙂

Working in a company can be fun and torturing. Trust me mates, you won’t have enough time to relax with a cup of tea and shaking your leg there. But, the working environment will force you to grow up, being more mature in handling relationships. i.e, clients, colleagues, supervisor, managers. Oww pls, don’t go and think of those love love stuff between boys and girls. XXX is prohibited in office, but somehow there are still some of those XXX out there in some offices. OMG, is this relevant? Shut up then ! ( I will…..) I’m just trying to be funny 😦

Okie, guess I will cut it short here with my checklist for the year 2007

1. How are you going to rate yourself for the year 2007?  It’s okie…

2. Have you achieve your goals ? Definitely….. NO !!!!

3. Have you gain weights during the year ? Yes , alot !

4. Use a colour to describe the year 2007.   Grey !

5. Use a colour to describe the year 2008.  White !

Alright, I’m going out for the countdown for year 2008 in town now 🙂

Lastly, wish you guys happy new year 2008 ! Have Fun and Enjoy !


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